ECO-RED steps for
renewable universities

Modernization, accessibility and internationalization

1 To identify the Local Needs creating a know-how about a) available resources at beneficiary universities; b) real needs of companies, labour market trends and opportunities.

2 To look to standardizing education programs oriented to society demands, international accreditation criteria and Quality standards.

3 To promote the use of innovative tools and to support the equal accessibility to the knowledge, developing new courses in streaming.

4 Offering to students the opportunity of developing technical skills via direct exercise in modern laboratories, in addition of the theoretical approach.

5 Delivering innovative modules structured for merging fundamental theoretical knowledge with practical exercises (problem solving, project works, research).

6 To establish quality and monitoring procedures to guarantee the success of the project activities.

7 Promoting project’s activities, objectives and results. Involving local stakeholders, as Ministries, Chambers of Commerce and Associations operating in renewable and energy fields.

8 To guarantee ECO-RED overall coordination, operational and management.

Articles and researches

Basing on the idea that a project is successful if it communicates what it is supposed to communicate, this area puts in touch with all information on project’s activities, objectives and results; new ECO-RED courses established at Beneficiary Universities; project events and news.


Renewable energy in Viet Nam

The transformation to a mostly market-driven economy has led Vietnam to faster economic growth with annual rates of 7-8% during the last decade.

The need for energy especially electricity services in Vietnam has been increasing in parallel with industrial development, migration of people to cities, and rising living standards. Renewable energy (RE) technologies in the power electric generation system is a key solution to meet the challenges of soaring electricity demand, growing environmental concerns, energy pricing climax, and energy security.

Energy statistics and balance

Electricity production from renewable energy: 41,60 % [IEA - 2015]